Group lessons

Do the beginners also have to buy a skiing pass?

Yes, everybody needs a skiing pass for the use of the lifts. Beginners should buy a one-day-ticket for the first day and talk to their skiing instructor after the lessons about the various ticket possibilities for the rest of the week.

Do we have to attend the whole 5-days-course or is there also a possibility of fewer days?

Our programme for groups is specially designed for one week and contains lots of great aspects and a final race at the end of the week. That’s why it’s really meaningful booking the whole course. But of course it is also possible attending the course only for a few days.

How occurs the classification of the groups?

At the first day you have to prove your skiing skills by a short race of a little hill. Then our skiing instructors will decide which group you belong to.

If I don’t like the chosen course, can I switch the course (for instance from a skiing to a snowboarding course)?

Of course you can switch the course if you are not happy with the chosen one. But please inform our office about the change, so we can book a different course.

Can I still start attending the course in the middle of the week?

Generally the group divisions are held Sundays and Mondays. But advanced skiers can also join the groups during the week. Please note that we have additional courses for snowboard-starters which are also beginning Wednesdays.

Is it possible to book a group course with a certain skiing instructor?

Basically this possibility is given, but we ask you to inform us about your wish as soon as possible by phone, fax or mail. We will of course do our best to consider your preference, but cannot guarantee when it comes to group courses.

Why aren’t there any half-day-courses offered?

Once there was the option of a half-day-course, but as the experience has shown it wasn’t half-way that successful for the pupils as the whole-day-courses are.

Is there a need of a prereservation for the group-courses?

Normally the group-courses are quite flexible and offer plenty of places. However we recommend you an online registration on our website, which enables a quicker application in our office.

Do the skiing course’s days have to be necessarily attended one after another?

You should attend the course one day after another, as the group is moving further with the programme. They learn something new every day and are getting better. So if you let a day out, you may change the group. But it will be the best, if you talk to your skiing instructor about this request.

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