Kids lessons

Is the skiing-pass included in the skiing-course?

No. The skiing-passes have to be bought at the counter of the cable-cab. Please note that children up to 6 six years do not need any separate passes. All the tariffs you can find on the following website:

Do you offer Half-day-courses as well?

We do offer half-day-courses, but only for 3 year old children (called „Bambinikurs“), for cross-country skiing-courses and of course for private courses. All other courses are held units of four hours (2 h in the morning and another 2 h in the afternoon)!

Is it possible that our children are all in the same group?

The group-classification of the children is primarily determined by their skiing skills and the age. So in the case that your kids or your friend’s kids are at the same level, concerning their skiing skills, please tell us your wish immediately at the first day and we will do our best to fulfil your exigencies. In the case that one of your kids is skiing better than the other but you still want them to be in the same group, you have to accept the fact that the better skiing kid will have to consider the weaker one.

Are there any difficulties in time if the children and the parents are attending a skiing course?

No, the classification is very well managed. When the lessons of the kids are over, they are looked after until the parents can pick them up.

Do I get my money back if the kids don’t like it?

Generally a refund of the money can only occur if you can show a medical attest in case of a disease or an injury. But as for us the children’s welfare is of uppermost importance, you only have to pay the essentially consumed lessons.

Is there a possibility of booking the lunchtime-supervision for particular days?

Yes, of course. Please buy the lunch service directly at the instructor of your children.

At which age can the children start attending the courses?

Children of four years and older can start attending the courses. But we offer a special course, called Bambinikurs, for the younger kids as well. This course is for 3 year-olds and is held only half the day.
For snowboarding courses we recommend you a starting age of 8.

What’s the difference between the taster course and the normal one?

The only difference is the price, which is lower for the taster course in case that your kid doesn’t want to continue with the course. If you extend the course, this sum will be deducted of the normal course’s price.

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